RATIK is a prime seven quadratic diffuser. Operating from 463-3440Hz, it provides excellent clarity in the mid-range; improving both male and female vocals, as well as many other tonal instruments.

Quadratic diffusion is one of the trusted instruments within the reals of acoustic treatment. Consistent and predictable performance means that 180 degree diffusion across a desired a bandwidth can be achieved with ease. With an injection of design-led forward thinking, Ratik breaks the walls between physics and art - bringing acoustics into the forefront of modern-day living.

The Ratik stand allows the diffuser to be placed at two heights, with the centre of the diffuser positioned at either 1.05m or 0.75m. For customers who intend to mount the diffuser on the wall, Ratik is compliant with the VESA Mounting Interface Standard for use with many universal TV mounting brackets.

Constructed out of American White Ash, the diffuser is built to last. The hardwood timber combined with strong joints, massively reduces resonances within the timber allowing for seamless diffusion. Weighing approximately 10kg, the diffuser is heavy enough to restrict movement caused by sound energy, yet light enough to make for easy installation and repositioning.

The Ratik stand is built using hot rolled mild steel, however, the colour of this part is entirely up to the customer. This means that we can cater Ratik for many different environments. We will also be offering the diffuser in a range of different finishes, to match existing decor or desired aesthetics within the room.

Full style choices, including a range of vinyl prints and waxing options will be made available at launch.

Ratik Trio Black.png