CAUSEWAY \\ A low-cost acoustic treatment tile system, manufactured using recycled clothes. The porous nature of the tiles acts to absorb sound whilst the fractal face reflects the remaining waves in different directions. In classrooms and offices, the resultant effects will include lower levels of background noise and improved vocal clarity - creating a more suitable environment for the occupants to work in. 

The origins of Causeway lie with the requirement for acoustic treatment in social and educational spaces. As open-plan arrangements dominate the interior design and architectural industries, it’s imperative that we treat spaces to minimise stress and maximise efficiency using suitable acoustic solutions.

Unfortunately, acoustics don't usually come cheap. The very word ‘acoustics’ seems to demand a price tag. But with Causeway and it’s brutal simplicity, acoustic treatment is available to the masses.

The first batch of Causeway tiles were manufactured using shredded fabric, obtained through an East Midlands recycling plant. From there, Liam engineered a method of compacting the discarded fabrics into sheets, ready to be cut into any design.

Following the completion of the university project, Liam exhibited Causeway in London, at New Designers 2018. Causeway then continued all the way to over to Brussels, where it was shown at MoOD Innovation Platform by Colour Hive. Since then the development of Causeway has continued to progress as an official launch becomes more and more viable. Liam is continuing to work on feedback that he got from the shows whilst looking at the vast potential Causeway has.

In order to put the concept to test, Liam is looking for live environments where he can install Causeway. These installations will be done on a temporary basis, but he’s happy to negotiate permanent solutions. If you have a space and would like to help us with the development, please get in touch!

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The development of Causeway started in January 2018, deep in the workshops of Nottingham Trent University. Here, Liam worked with colleagues and workshop technicians to bring his ideas to life. Following an intense four month project, Liam presented the first wave of Causeway tiles to academic staff. The project was a success, though it was clear that Causeway had to come along way before being suitable for mass market.

To produce Causeway, a completely new process had to be designed. The current process of creating the tiles is both consistent and adaptable, but more importantly; cheap. It also allows for the various fabrics that end up in recycling plants, meaning he can utilise a vast amount of the waste. As Causeway develops, he learns more about the capabilities of discarded fabrics and production improves. With each step forward he gets closer to supplying affordable acoustic treatment to the establishments that really need it.

Causeway will be supplied in a number of set variations, keeping production costs low where needed. However, bespoke layout options to purchase. Liam wants interior designers to push the capabilities of Causeway and create stunning arrangements of all shapes and sizes. More news on the bespoke service will be available at launch.

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